School Initiatives

At Garlough teachers and staff have five expectations for student behavior — Responsibility, Effort, Safety, Respect and Kindness. These expectations for student conduct are incorporated into all aspects of each child's school day and help to make Garlough a positive environment where every person is valued and children can thrive.

The Garlough Guidelines Rap:
RESPONSIBILITY means I’m taking charge of me!
EFFORT means you try, working hard to reach the sky!
Staying SAFE at school and play, keeps us smiling every day!
R-E-S-P-E-C-T respecting you, respecting me!
Finally, KINDNESS is the key-spreading peace and harmony!
Know it. Live it. Shout out our theme. We learn together on the Garlough Team!

Garlough Environmental Magnet School (GEMS) follows the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (Compost)! 
Led by 4th graders, the GEM’s 4Rs project teaches students how to reduce waste, protect resources, extend the life of existing resources and compost food and other consumables. At GEMS the focus of the 4Rs has been on the lunchroom where children learn how to sort their waste into appropriate containers: compost, recycling or garbage. Since starting the program a few years ago, the GEMS lunchroom has completely switched to compostable/biodegradable sugarcane-based trays, drinking containers and eating utensils. Garlough is grateful to the Jeffers Foundation which provided funding for this project.

PIE Nights are a fun opportunity for Garlough families to come together to learn about reading and math while sharing a meal. Each child that comes to PIE Night leaves with a new book!

PIE Nights are coordinated through the Garlough Title I program. Check the Garlough school calendar for upcoming PIE Night dates and times.

LiveGreen is the district wide sustainability program that promotes energy saving and recycling initiatives. Each school throughout the district has a LiveGreen team. Click here to learn more about LiveGreen.

To actively engage students, staff and families in physical activity and healthy eating, the District has implemented a Wellness program. Representatives from throughout the district work together on the Wellness Committee to promote nutrition and exercise initiatives. Learn more about Wellness in School District 197.

Learn about more school initiatives connected to Garlough's Environmental Magnet Theme.