Ms. Martha Edgar

Ms. Martha Edgar
Garlough Environmental Magnet School;  Mon., Tues., Wed., and Fri. A.M.
Mendota Elementary School; Thurs. and Fri. P.M.


Hello Parents and Guardians! 

I was originally classroom certified. In 2000 I had a long-term substitute position in an art class at Heritage. I decided to stay in the art classroom. I attended the University of St. Catherine's for three years while teaching and obtained my art licensure. I have been teaching art in District 197 since 2000, teaching in six of the eight schools.

A comprehensive, well-organized art program should guide students in their personal discovery of visual arts. In class we explore art and artists of different cultures and historical periods, and create art works that connect to the environment.

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How artists use line, color, texture, and shape. 
Art and me. 

1st Grade: 
non-objective art 
KANDINSKY line/color 
warm/cool symmetrical designs 
mixing secondary colors 
mixing tints/shades 
NEVELSON assemblage 
VAN GOGH sunflowers 
Sumi-e & Gyotaku - Japan

2nd Grade: 
PICASSO still-life 
Molas - Panama 
WYETH landscapes 
FAITH RINGGOLD narrative art 
clay - texture 
ROUSSEAU tints/shades 
masks -prints   
3rd Grade: 
leaves; clay bowls & prints 
VAN GOGH landscapes 
O'KEEFFE analogous colors 
CHAGALL surrealism 
BEARDEN photomontage 
watercolor resists 
CHIHULY blown glass sculpture 
M.C.ESCHER tessalation 
Oaxacan animals - Mexico

4th Grade: 
faces and figures 
self-portrait/facial proportions 
mannequin drawing 
PICASSO cubism 
MATISSE rhythm 
SEGAL plaster sculpture 
CHUCK CLOSE grid drawing 
half-photo value study 
medieval art- clay gargoyles