All School Inquiry - Creepy Crawly Condominium
All School Inquiry - Creepy Crawly Condominium
Posted on 03/22/2018

What do pollinators and other insects do in the winter? Where will they stay in the spring? Summer? Fall? Let’s find out!

We need your help to build a large complex for local mini-critters. Help by engineering a Creepy Crawly Condominium and see if you can attract some pollinators when the weather starts getting warmer! We will assemble all the smaller condos that YOU create into a large complex like the one shown in the video below. Please use natural or recycled materials only!

The Creepy Crawly Condominium will be assembled on April 27, 2018 at our EEF (Environmental Explorers Fair). An Eagle Scout candidate will be assembling the structure using the individual "bug apartments" that students bring in from this inquiry.

Video about Creepy Crawly Condos
Click on the graphic above or use the following link,