Garlough Trading Post

Garlough students with frog picture Research a natural artifact, report on your findings and trade the artifact for points!

The Garlough Trading Post is run by the 3rd grade "Whoodini" students, also known as the curators. It is open before school and some hours over the lunch period. Any Garlough student is invited to research a natural artifact, report their findings and trade the artifact for points that can be used to take home a new treasure. The curators keep a spreadsheet of cumulative points so students can save for a valuable artifact that they've had their eye on.

Jennifer Parker, Advisor
651-403-8113 |

Read through the Trade Agreement. It will explain how to approach your research and things to consider. Print a copy and bring it in with your research project and artifact. (Note: filling in this document should not be your only research!)

We look forward to learning about your research! There are certain things that we cannot trade: bird artifacts and mussels from the Mississippi or St. Croix Rivers. You can still research these artifacts, but we cannot trade them. Read the attachment for all the details.

Video: One of the curators, Nicholas, demonstrates how Trading Post points are earned and tracked.