Community Partners
Picture of Garlough students in gardenGarlough Environmental Magnet School (GEMS) benefits from the support of many partners who help expand students’ learning opportunities. Partners include:

Garlough Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) The Garlough PTO works hard to enrich the academic environment, build school pride and raise money to support the school's vision of offering comprehensive and exemplary academic and co-curricular programs and services.

360 Communities360 Communities has worked in collaboration with school districts since 1992 to improve student success including improved grades, increased attendance and increased parent involvement. 360 Communities' school-based Family Support Workers develop a trusted relationship with families and lead parents to create a home environment that encourages learning and promotes increased parental involvement in school. Learn more about Garlough's Family Support Worker.

Dodge Nature Center The Thomas Irvine Dodge Nature Center is an environmental education and habitat restoration organization located on 322 acres in the heart of West St. Paul and Mendota Heights. Dodge works with schools in District 197 to provide students with environmental-based education.

Jeffers Foundation — The Jeffers Foundation is a minnesota-based, non-profit organization focused on supporting environmental education programs and encouraging young people to become responsible stewards of the earth. A grant from the Jeffers Foundation has made it possible for GEMS to follow the 4Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (Compost)!

Garlough also receives volunteer and academic support from the following organizations:


The Garlough Collaborative is a coalition of nonprofit service providers, faith communities and local government officials that work with the Garlough staff to coordinate community resources and support students and their families. The Collaborative targets those at risk of becoming mobile and encourages families to put down roots in the community. 

Collaborative partners include: 

  • West St. Paul Police 
  • St. Stephen's Church 
  • Covington Court management 
  • Dakota County 
  • Augustana Church 
  • Neighbors, Inc. 
  • Dodge Nature Center 
  • Community Action Council 
  • District 197 Early Childhood Family Education 
  • Faith Lutheran Church 
  • National Gardening Association, Youth Garden Grant Program